Apply to Speak at TEDxACU 2018

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Share a site that will help us get to know your personality and communication style.
As part of the review process, we ask all applicants to submit a video of themselves speaking for at least 5 minutes. If you don't already have a video, you're welcome to film one for your application. The topic of the video doesn't need to connect with what you're hoping to speak about at TEDxACU. We're just trying to get a sense of your speaking style.
Write a paragraph or two that summarizes the idea you'd like to share via your TEDxACU talk. Be as specific as possible about the content you would hope to share. In keeping with this year's theme of "6 words," all of our speakers will provide 6 word titles for their talks. If you have ideas about your 6 word title now, you're welcome to include it here. But don't feel any pressure to have that settled yet. Our team will work with speakers to craft their 6 word titles during the preparation process.
How did you hear about us? Why are you applying to speak at our event? We aren't looking for anything specific here (we promise!); we're just interested in what brings you to TEDxACU.
You don't need to add anything here. It's just your chance to add a final word to your application if you'd like.